Overweight and heftiness are characterized as strange or unnecessary fat gathering that presents a danger to wellbeing. A weight file (BMI) more than 25 is viewed as overweight, and more than 30 is corpulent. The issue has developed to plague extents, with more than 4 million individuals passing on every year because of being overweight or large in 2017 as per the worldwide weight of sickness. Paces of overweight and heftiness keep on filling in grown-ups and youngsters. From 1975 to 2016, the commonness of overweight or corpulent youngsters and teenagers matured 5–19 years expanded more than four-crease from 4% to 18% around the world. Stoutness is one side of the twofold weight of ailing health, and today a bigger number of individuals are hefty than underweight in each locale aside from sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. When considered an issue just in big league salary nations, overweight and heftiness are presently drastically on the ascent in low-and center pay nations, especially in metropolitan settings. By far most of overweight or stout kids live in agricultural nations, where the pace of increment has been over 30% higher than that of created nations. Overweight and corpulence are significant danger factors for various ongoing illnesses, including cardiovascular infections like coronary illness and stroke, which are the main sources of death around the world. Being overweight can likewise prompt diabetes and its related conditions, including visual deficiency, appendage removals, and the requirement for dialysis. Paces of diabetes have quadrupled since around the globe since 1980. Conveying overabundance weight can prompt musculoskeletal problems including osteoarthritis. Weight is likewise connected for certain tumors, including endometrial, bosom, ovarian, prostate, liver, gallbladder, kidney and colon. The danger of these noncommunicable infections increments in any event, when an individual is just marginally overweight and develops more genuine as the weight file (BMI) climbs. Heftiness in youth is related with a wide scope of genuine unexpected problems and an expanded danger of untimely beginning of related ailments. Notwithstanding, no nation presently can't seem to invert the development of this pandemic. Albeit different elements are included, the major reason for corpulence is an irregularity of calories devoured and calories consumed. As worldwide weight control plans have changed in late many years, there has been an increment in the utilization of energy-thick food varieties high in fat and free sugars. There has additionally been a diminishing in active work because of the changing idea of numerous kinds of work, more admittance to transportation and expanded urbanization. Bringing down the danger of overweight and corpulence incorporates decreasing the quantity of calories devoured from fats and sugars, expanding the segment of every day admission of natural product, vegetables, vegetables, entire grains and nuts, and taking part in normal active work (an hour out of each day for youngsters and 150 minutes of the week for grown-ups).obesity  is damaging to the body , so that way obesity healthcare and obesity healthcare management needs to be done in order to eradicate this problem.Only healthy diet and consumption of food low in fats, sugars, trans fats can help in coping with the obesity health.

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